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Forest Jump

Forest Jump is a fast and adrenaline-filled Coin Op game with randomly generated levels, created specifically for the Amusement market.

The randomly generated levels guarantee that each match is unique, creating tons of variations and interesting situations.

The player controls the game rotating a custom steering wheel. This interaction makes the game really fun to play and pleasing to watch.Forest Jump is designed to be accessible and usable for everyone, young kids too. The game has also a huge depth, pushing the players to improve their skills match after match in order to reach the Jackpot.

The Forest Jump cartoonish and colorful style is enjoyable for kids and parents, creating a family entertainment. 


How to play

The Forest Jump character jumps automatically on platforms made of leaves. Each platform has one or more holes, the objective is to rotate these platforms, interacting with the steering wheel, in order to make the character fall down. 

The player receives Tickets going through the platforms. If the character goes through three or more platforms consecutively, the Boost is activated and the player gains more tickets.

In some platforms there are the Pick Up Items, special objects that gives extra tickets to the player when they are touched.

On the platforms there could be also one or more obstacles, dangerous objects made of lava. The size and behavior of the obstacles are different, generating interesting and various challenges. If the character touches an obstacle the match ends.

After the first death the player can use the Revive spending a credit in order to resume the game from the death point.

The game is divided in phases, each one with a progressive difficulty level and a variation of the graphical style. Completing all of them means reaching the Jackpot and gaining the maximum number of tickets.


  • Fast paced singleplayer experience
  • Randomly generated levels, every match is unique from others
  • 65” screen
  • Steering wheel to play
  • Operator menu with easy navigation
  • Full data analysis statistics & options
  • Online autoupdate to keep the game always updated