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Slide Slide CKN Toys Car Hero gameplay with a character drifting his car Slide CKN gameplay powerups allowing the driver to use a shield protecting against obstacles Slide CKN character selection

CKN Toys Car Hero



The Game

CKN Toys Car Hero is a 3D runner game where the player drives a racing car through a giant toy city and a desert space launch town. The player dodges, skids and swerves to avoid giant obstacles such as roadblocks, xylophones and rockets whilst collecting coins and diamonds and completing missions. These rewards are used to upgrade vehicles or change Calvin’s outfits.


Our Work

We worked on the game design, level design and UX, offering consultancies to Colto (the partner which developed the game).

Our goal was to create a runner game that feels and looks way more playful and colorful than competitors to generate interest in the young audience. We started analyzing the CKN’s YouTube videos to understand how to use and respect the characters, visuals and strengths of the brand, creating an experience with a lot of focus on cars, humor and iconic characters.