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Slide Slide Forest Jump menu with the insert coin text Slide Forest Jump gameplay of a character jumping on round platforms with a hole in each one of them in which the character has to go through to progress in the game Slide Forest Jump gameplay boost allowing the character to destroy the platforms under it

Forest Jump



The Game

Forest Jump is a fast and adrenaline-filled Coin Op game with randomly generated levels, created specifically for the Amusement market (Arcade Rooms).

The player controls the game by rotating a custom steering wheel, making the character avoid obstacles and fall down the level, obtaining points, power ups and… the Jackpot!

The game is colorful and playful, expressing its beauty on a 65-inch screen and on a custom made cabinet that shines among the competitors in the arcade rooms.


Our Work

We worked on all the aspects of the game from conception to release and post-launch updates.

We offered support to Arcade Rooms owners providing weekly up to date analytics, and a remote control tool that let to change the parameters of the game at runtime.